Tieng To Dong – Ngoc Dan Thanh & Chi Tam

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Popular US based Vietnamese production/entertainment corporate in the United States: Thuy Nga Productions/Trung Tam Thuy Nga/Thuy Nga Corp., Asia Entertainment, Van Son Production, Lang Van,
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Tiếng Tơ Đồng

  • is a television show about music background
  • has many interviews with popular artists, musician, …
  • hosted by Ngoc Dan Thanh & Chi Tam.
  • aired in US
  • air on SBTN California weekly (we believe so.)

  • interview/discuss so far:
    music/opera writer/producer/…: soan gia Nguyen Phuong, Loan Thao, Ha Trieu – Hoa Phuong, Yen Lan;
    artists: Hung Cuong (Trần Kim Cường died in 1996), Thanh Thanh Tam, Hong Nga, Y Phung, Truc Quyen, Nam Sa Dec, Hong Thu, Huu Phuoc (Henry Trần Quang died on 02/21/1997), Dieu Hien, Huong Si Nhan, Tran Minh Tam, Huynh Anh (Huỳnh Anh died on 12/13/2013), Viet Dzung (Nguyễn Ngọc Hùng Dũng died on 12/20/2013), Thanh Nga (Juliette Nguyễn Thị Nga died on 11/26/1978), Ut Bach Lan, Bach Hue, Ha Thanh (Trần Thị Lục Hà died on 01/01/2014)
    other topics: dan tranh va he ngu cung, dan sen trong co nhac mien nam (southern), hat xam (northern), ca tru bac bo, nhac le, Duyen Ky Ngo, chuyen tinh nguu lan chuc nu, gio to Hung Vuong, ngay hien mau, co nhac Viet nam qua tieng dan guitar, dieu khuc Oan mua Dong, hai cung tren mot lan dieu,
  • notes:
    ngũ cung – meaning “5 tones” (pentatonic).
    đàn tranh – is a plucked zither of Vietnam.







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Van Son Production & MC Viet Thao
Van Son Production & MC Viet Thao

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